Taking a Time Out

I am a mom of two wonderful, amazing, funny, sassy, intelligent, typically well behaved, active, exhausting children.  I said it, they exhaust me; not all the time, about half the time.   Finding time for ME has ALWAYS been a challenge, The guilt I feel for taking time away from my children so that I can go to the spa, go hiking with a friend, a trip with my husband or just a quiet night alone is something that I still deal with.  Putting myself first remains something that I have to write into my calendar.  A lot of wives and mothers have a knack for that, I am not one of them.  Even as I sit here writing this, I am wearing noise canceling headphones, which need to be retested because I can still hear my 3-year-old yelling and banging on the door,  she needs my attention because of a multitude of reasons... right now it is because her arm itches; and there is NO WAY that her father (who is currently reading his iPad) could handle putting on her anti-itch cream.  In her world he is NOT equipped to handle such dangerous activity.

 I have always been a person that has wanted to help others.  Whether it be volunteering (even though I had a full time job) to make snacks for the classroom, volunteering to feed the homeless, helping a friend move, working extra hours (unpaid) at the schools where I have taught, to allow other parents to have a "parents night out", paint a new school building, paint a mural in the new school classrooms, help another teacher set up a room, create a school float for a parade... the list goes on and on and on.  It wasn't until about a year ago when I really made the effort to take time out for myself.  

My father had a quadruple bypass on April Fool's Day 2015.  He was in the hospital for 16 days.  Upon his return home (he lives with my family when he is not on the road) he needed full time care.  A private nurse was very costly; I was teaching Kindergarten at the time.  Thankfully, my former boss understood my commitment to family and allowed me to take the month of April off to care for my father; getting him to all of his appointments and helping him recover as needed at home.  It was during that month that I took a HUGE step back.  I was able to rediscover what made me, well, me.  I started feeling better and better about who I was and what I needed to do to make ME happy.  As I said above, "Self Care, Self Love and Me Time" are still something that I have to schedule.  I have a family, kids, a career... but, if I don't fill up, recharge, center and find my happy place every few weeks, I am of no use to anyone.  I found that caring for my father helped me recharge, talking to friends in need helps me recharge, connecting with deceased loved ones for friends and strangers alike feeds my soul.   I schedule my "Time Out's" every month... it is imperative to the work that I do and want to do.

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