unfriend. unfollow. unsubscribe.

Thank you for checking our my blog, I appreciate the time you are taking to read this and hope that I can help with some insight that I have been dealing with recently.  TOXIC people.  Since my last blog post (almost a month ago... sorry I am really trying to get better at writing!) there have been a solid 4 weeks, YES WEEKS!  Where I have dealt with rumors, slander, name calling, controlling and simply put, toxic people.

I had a whole plan on the topics I was going to cover until the years end, however, the universe had other plans and I was placed in situations where I had lessons that needed to be learned.  Lessons that needed to be observed by me and then handled in the only way that I know how, energetically... though meditation, yoga, breathing and lots of research!  I have used every lesson in the past four weeks to research, read, listen to lectures, create my own thoughts and ideas about TOXIC people and how to identify them, how they make you feel, what you really deserve, how to deal with them and finally how to rid yourself of toxic people for good (if you so choose).  The mantra that stood out for me as I was developing this idea/program was "unfriend.  unfollow.  unsubscribe."  

There will come a time when you have to decide that happiness is what you want in life.  You can not expect to be happy when negative, toxic people are around you.  You will need to "unfriend" them, and not just in the social media world (although that is an excellent first step).  You need to physically and emotionally detach from that person; this may prove difficult depending on WHAT TYPE of toxic person they are.  Next you will need to "unfollow", getting comfortable with not knowing what they are doing, saying, feeling.  The wants and needs of your toxic person is no longer your concern.  This can (and does) take time, those of us that are eternally optimistic will HOPE that the toxic person has changed over time; typically this is not the case.  Finally, you will decide to completely "unsubscribe" to the toxic persons energy all together.  They will always be a part of your journey, however, you learn that you can wish them well and love/care about  them from a distance.  Thus, disconnecting from them totally.

Toxic people are everywhere.  I have broken them down into 5 "types"... for more information please sign up for my monthly newsletter.  The month of October we will focus on the 5 types of toxic people and how to deal with them in a manner that will lead to creating the life that you want.  Attracting those around you that are of the same vibration; those that chose happiness above anything else.  Those that stay positive even when the trail is blocked with life's boulders.

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Remember, toxic people only want the control they can't have!  They will act out to get "their" way.  It is not about anyone other than them.