What Defines a Person

A few weekends ago I overheard a conversation between two women.  Woman #1 was speaking about her significant other.  Woman #2 was listening.  Woman #1 made the comment "really, who would want him anyway?  With all the issues he has?"  Woman #2 did not respond, you could tell this made her uncomfortable and she politely excused herself.  The comment that Woman #1 made haunted me for several days.  How do you speak about someone that you are supposed to care about and love like that?  As if the significant other was only made up of his "issues", as she put it.   

A few things were triggered after witnessing that exchange...

1.  I began to wonder if woman #1 was aware of her surroundings?  Did she know WHO was listening to her?  Did she care?  

2.  I wondered, if she could say that to someone, what does she say to the person that she is speaking about?  Does she make him feel like because of his "issues" he can't do any better?

3. I dug deeper, I wondered what kind of person makes that kind of comment?  Was SHE settling for him because she couldn't do any better?

4.  What had woman #1 gone though in life to make her believe that someone's circumstances define WHO they are?

I have been thinking about this for a little more than a week now.  What defines a person?  Some would have you believe it is how successful they are, what material possessions they have, how healthy they are both physically and mentally... Others believe that it is how you treat others.  How you treat animals, the environment...etc.  I think it is time that we all look to see HOW we define ourselves.  The negative self talk, the "I'm not good enough", the lack of self care and self love needs to change.  What others think of us does not define WHO we are.  Your "issues" or circumstances DO NOT define WHO you are.  

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