Rich- Chicago, Illinois 

Kendra , has a very warm and nurturing energy around her.  Her loving presence, helps others to feel free to express themselves.  In her ability to listen, she can help guide another, to find a loving alternative view to a dark situation.


Giuliana- CALGARY, Canada

Kendra works with an open heart, has an ear to listen, and with her intuition she helps guide you to the answers within.


Chelsea- Portland, OREGON 

Kendra has a way of helping you find solutions to situations that feel hopeless.  She has a loving kindness about her that makes you feel safe telling her your thoughts and fears, things you might not feel comfortable telling others. She listens, really truly listens, and shows you new directions to take that weren't visible before.


GINGER- Phoenix, Arizona (on Meduimship)

I had my first reading ever with Kendra.  I was floored by who came through, and the detail that Kendra had from both grandmothers, and an aunt.  I felt a feeling of relief from the messages past on from my aunt to my mother.  There was a part of my life that was given some clarity from a grandmother.  It does not take away what happened, but the healing from knowing she knows the pain I had gone through and the compassion she still has on the other side was much needed.  Kendra made me feel very comfortable, and was very professional on how she was able to deliver the messages she was receiving. She explained to me ahead of time how she receives her messages and what to expect.   I look forward to having another reading, as she said there were a few more people waiting "in line".  It has helped me to start moving on, and heal.  She has an amazing gift to help others.  It is also wonderful to know, my other grandmother is still laughing.

Genevieve- Toronto, Canada (Email Card Reading)

Kendra did a long distance card reading for me via email.  I couldn't believe how accurate and insightful she was.  I was unsure of how a long distance reading would work but she walked me though it and sent me photos of each card and the meaning/explanation of each one.