From a very young age I would hear and see things; for many years these images, visions, thoughts and voices frightened me.  It wasn't until I was in a very traumatic car accident at the age of 18 that I began to realize what I was really experiencing.  That car accident reopened a connection to the Spirit World that I had closed as a child, due to not understanding what I was seeing, hearing and feeling. Since my move to Arizona in 2008, my life communicating with Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones that have transitioned has become my passion.  I have developed my gift with world renowned Psychic Mediums, Sunny Dawn Johnston and Susanne Wilson... I have taken many steps in mastering my connection with those that have transitioned beyond this physical body.  

I believe that this connection to your loved ones can give you insight and clarity to many situations in life.  During our sessions we will focus primarily on mediumship (connecting with loved ones in the Spirit World), other questions can be answered regarding love, career, etc... if you would like.